Entre2mondes = between2worlds…

…because we don’t translate words only, but worlds too.

A message can lose its original impact through translation: our concern is to preserve the truth and impact of the message, through a dynamically written language, as if the author was from the target culture. To achieve this, we rely on effective writing principles that have been carefully thought out and developed over the years. Our translations are always reviewed and edited to the desired format.

Editorial process

1. Translation

· Our translators are native speakers, language lovers and Christians disciples.

· They follow strict translation guidelines to produce what we call “effective French”: a non-academic French that is understandable on the first read (which is not always the case!).

· We do not only translate the text, but also the author's intention. Impact is the key concept: impact must be the same in the target language. You can have a correct translation, but it will have diminished the effect intended by the author in his original language. What would a Frenchman have written? This is the question to ask.

· In the age of machine translations with artificial intelligence, our team offers you specific and typical structure in the language that a robot cannot (yet) produce.

English, for example, is fond of repeated words, passive mode phrases, subject infinitives, adjectives, and adverbs, while effective French requires the active voice, fewer adjectives and stronger verbs. The robot may give some satisfactory translation, but we aim for more excellence: our goal is to render a result as if it had been written by a French person for French people.

2. Reviewing

This is a key step: someone compares the translated version with the original version.

It must be another person for the sake of retrospect (to prevent an unbiased review of the text).

The translator mostly works to be loyal to the author, but the reviser works with the reader in mind. We need both.

3. Editing and proofreading

Having been in the business since 2006, I will personally proofread and edit the text.

– Applies professional editing guidelines of contemporary writing (typo rules, lexicon, grammar, conjugation).

– Applies style sheets if necessary (useful for the next layout step —e.g. InDesign importation). I'm a stickler for Word style sheets and other details that ensure the text should be ready to get processed by your graphic artist for the layout process.

– Uses a professional spellchecker throughout the text.

– Does researches about bibliographic references (if necessary) and implements them in right format.

In addition to correct formatting, I will apply a first editorial proofreading. I will also point out substantive issues, when necessary, to identify passages that may be difficult to understand (or that would cause unnecessary controversy).

– Highlighting potential issues due to “cultural translation”.

Once this work is done, the editor should be able to only validate the arbitration issues and send the whole work for its own layout process.


Entre2mondes (E2m) works in French, English and Spanish.

Our rate is $90 per 1 000 words (target words).

With E2m, you know from the beginning how much it will cost. And you get a translation + a revision + editing time (formatting and exploratory work on substantive decisions). Your money is well spent: you hire a real small editorial team that will save you time in the end (translating, reviewing and proofreading).

  • Many translators offer a “source word” rate. You need to add 17 to 21% (text expansion rate) more to get to know your budget. You don't know this in advance, since it depends on the number of words the translator uses.

  • We use a target word rate (in the source language). With E2m, you can anticipate precisely your translation budget.

Example: a company offers you a rate of $60 per 1 000 words. You will need to add around 20%, which makes a real rate of $72. Add a $25 revision (or many hours of personal work!) and you get a final rate of $89 per words. All this without any additional editing work.

Or... you can subcontract your project to E2m who will return it to you with additional editorial work.

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